"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." Mark Twain


The Right Words

Cindy knows that words can make or break a business or put a freelance career on the fast track or parked. Businesses and freelancers are sized-up by  the words that represent them, and products and services are sold or rejected based on descriptive words.  Well crafted copy can define a business or individual as smart, organized, solid, and trustworthy. Clear, concise internal manuals and guides can optimize time management, enhance productivity, and prevent problems in the work place.  Projecting the image of a competent individual, business, or organization begins with words. Yes, words are powerful!  


Project Solutions

Cindy offers one-on-one consultation with individuals, business owners, project managers, and department heads. She has the experience, expertise, and creativity to quickly go from challenge to solution.


Writers, freelancers and creative types can count on professional creative writing and editing support, as well as solutions for public relations and marketing.


What YOU Can Expect

  • Dedicated time for every project
  • Committment to meet Client goals
  • Excellence in writing, editing and all project tasks
  • Guaranteed project completion date
  • Sensitivity to project budget / fair fees
  • Adherence to project guidelines and contract
  • Cheerful, professional attitude from start to finish of project